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Within the city, lot areas are in reasonably limited. For those who have always aspired to possess a garden but they are hampered because of the small space, the good is you can accomplish this by doing a little bit of planning.

A house garden needn’t be huge bit of your yard. Even if you are living in an apartment or a condo, you can have your little bit of heaven by making good use of your creativity and focus on details.

Small gardens may be used to plant flowers, shrubs, vegetables and herbs. If fortunate enough, you can even plant a tree in your garden for a nice focal point. A small garden does not require plenty of maintenance but you can get the same sense of accomplishment as you would with a big garden.

Modern homes can add a small garden design in their areas for any refreshing element. Your small garden can also double as an entertaining or barbecue area; you simply need to be creative using the way you plan your design. Make your tiny patch of green on your patio or balcony, in the small piece of land you have in the backyard, or even on your windowsill. The choices are virtually endless. All that you should do is find a good design that works well with your home.

Before you begin planting, consider which location could be ideal for your plants to grow. It should be a place where there’s lots of sunlight, sufficient rainfall and ample shade so that your plants can thrive happily. An excessive amount of or too little of those elements can wither your plants, so plan strategically.

Just like location is essential, you also have to consider the form of a garden. You have to be in a position to access a garden from all points. A garden should also be seen from almost all parts of the house to provide a pleasant and interesting highlight to your home plan.

Consider the way your garden can blend in nicely with the rest of your house. If you are considering of putting up an outdoor in a major activity area, your plants shouldn’t obstruct of movement. Keep them from way of traffic where they can easily be trampled.

For any small garden design, less is certainly more. As much as you love instant colors, you need to stick with some coordinated colors that will make your space appear larger. However, you can still add one or two bold colors to put an element of surprise in your garden.

Small spaces should not be a problem when it comes to creating your garden of your dreams. Just a little creativity goes a long way, so make use of ingenuity for making your dream garden happen.


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