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Your home looks beautiful from outside, but what does the inside say to your guests? Does it say “welcome to my home” or does it give a less friendly message? You want to create a welcoming, cozy feeling for your whole house, with special attention paid to the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathroom. These areas can be called the heart of the home and should be where you spend the most of your attention, especially when redecorating or renovating.

The Bathroom: A Spa Experience in Your Own Home

Your bathroom should be a room that is pleasant to come into whether it is a holiday gathering or just another Monday morning. It should be well lit for day to day use but have a dimmer feature for those nights when you need a lovely soak to unwind. For guests, use a special set of towels, in a different but complementary color. Another special basket might be used here, this one filled with a new toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries in case your guest has forgotten anything.

Give them a plastic cup or several disposable cups to use during their stay and make sure that there are hooks for clothing or robes on the bathroom door. As a special touch, you can add a scented candle and other cute items that you find at a bed and bath accessories store.

The Bedroom: Special Touches for Yourself and Others

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a spare room for guests, but that does not mean that you can’t set a welcoming tone for friends and family members who are going to stay with you for a night or two with you. The trick is to provide a small bit of space that is just for the guest, even if that is just a temporarily empty drawer or a few empty hangers in the closet.

A pretty basket filled with welcoming items can also be used. Items to add to the basket can include a map of the area, schedule of events and exhibits that the guest might enjoy, favorite cookies or candies and reading material for a sleepless night.

If the guest will be sleeping in a child’s bedroom, ask the child to move toys and other items so no one trips or falls but allow them to help make the bed. If that means a teddy bear on the pillow, so be it.

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