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 is the most important resource needed by every individual. Everyone realizes how water is important and it is not too late to try water conservation at home. One of the ways in water conservation is to collect rainwater in a container. In order to harvest the rainwater, there is the system of rainwater harvest. Usually a building will have downpipes or rain gutter that will take the rainwater from rooftop right to the container. The water tank can be used to collect water alongside the rain barrel. In order to ensure water cleanness, proper maintenance will be needed from time to time.



water-saving-tipsRain barrel is the smaller water container. The barrel are usually smaller than the tanks and because of that, there will only be small amount of water can be kept in it. There are various sizes mainly the smaller sizes in equal of common barrel sizes. The materials of the barrel are varied from the concrete, plastics, stainless steel and a lot others. It is important to make sure that the barrel won’t leak. If there is a leak, then the effort to collect and keep water is just meaningless. For this one thing, many barrels are made with inner coat for better leaking prevention.

Knowing the function of rain barrel, many people think and consider about getting one at home. The barrels can be bought from the various shops. Barrels can also be made at home if there are enough materials. The DIY barrels usually are made of concrete and usually come in the shape of square. The water that has been kept in the barrels can be used for various purposes. The water can be used for watering garden, flushing toilet, washing dish and even for drinking water. It is a beneficial thing to be had.