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Many homeowners strive to bring the old Wild West back into their modern homes by accentuating their décor with natural cow hide rugs. Whether your home is filled with wood or stone floors, cow skin rugs offer various green benefits that you should not ignore. From long-lasting durability to naturally hypo-allergenic, these rugs add versatility and a touch of shabby sheik to any décor.
Naturally Hypo-allergenic

If you have installed a wood floor in your home to stop allergens from building up and wreaking havoc on your sinuses, then finding a hypo-allergenic rug is essential to keeping your feet warm on cool days. Cowhide rugs offer you a naturally hypo-allergenic solution to giving your room a touch of pizzazz without having to worry about nasty allergens and dust mites. If you are a chemical-conscious homeowner, you can purchase a cowhide rug that is tanned with natural oil, which keeps it soft and prevents cracking.

Long-lasting Durability

Because cow skin is a thick material, manufacturers add natural oils or chromium to the tanning process to keep the rugs supple and durable, providing you with long-lasting usage. In order to maximize the durability of your new cow skin rug, you need to keep the rug
clean, minimizing the loss of natural oils from the hide. If you end up spilling liquid on your cowhide rug, immediately soak up as much liquid as possible to stop the natural oils from dissipating. For smaller spills, you can remove the dirt particles by brushing them out in the direction of hair growth, but you need to let the rug completely dry first. When cleaning the rug, you should wipe it down with a mild soap and damp sponge. Remember, the longer you keep the rug dry, the longer your cow skin rug will last.

Optimal Versatility

Versatility is a key component to any rug, and cowhide rugs are no different. The natural backing of the cow skin makes these rugs perfect runners for your hardwood or stone flooring, allowing you to place it in entryways, bedrooms, and halls. You can even use cowhide rugs to cover chairs, sofas, walls, and dining room tables, depending on the atmosphere you want your room to portray. Depending on the cow, the rug will vary in size, quality, and color, so doing the proper research beforehand will ensure you purchase a rug that will suit all your home décor needs.

With more and more homeowners searching for a green solution to interior decorating, cow skin rugs are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you wish to add a touch of timeless class to your living room or a sense of charm to your wood and stone floors, cowhide rugs offer a hypo-allergenic solution that will last for years to come.

Sometimes the right decoration of a carpet in the room is in the form of elegant carpet runner. Although they can easily design a room seems just a little crowded or loses their balance when they are used without restraint, the right flank pads arranged in a very tasteful it’s possible to add charming accent for a home.

These carpets are also designed to protect the marble or hardwood, and some types of tile in high traffic areas. These soils should be treated to prevent excessive wear. Runners and mats in areas such as models or textures ought to be easy, or a simple design to peace and order in a territory occupied by others and potentially confusing. Often the choice of a hallway having a single color that matches the piece under consideration is definitely an obvious solution and good taste.

Although brokers are generally divided into three groups, some are more frequent and more expensive than the others. Stair runner, not surprisingly, are utilized for the stairs, but sometimes be more expensive because their equipment and also the usual cost for the installation. Corridor carpet runners are more frequent, especially in a larger house and are intended to clarify or add heat to some cold runner, apparently infertile. Finally, within the corridor of the East, that are intricately designed, handmade and incredibly popular tendency. You can go ahead and take type of carpets, and should be utilized with caution because they crush easily one room, if not entered correctly.

What type of carpet or rug, you can decide to require or carpet, without doubt, the same can live in an area without life, perhaps, or a room in need of a large clean little more to add. Plan in advance to make sure you choose the carpet that fits your home and helps make the statement that you would like your home to complete.


The good thing about a a place rug on carpet is timeless. Many people ask me “what will i do for rugs on carpet to ensure that they’re from moving?” The answer to this really is to make use of the right rug pad for rugs on carpet.Not every rug pads work with an area rug on carpet. Since the carpet underneath does not provide as strong of the foundation for the rug as a hard floor surface does, it is crucial that your rug pad is rated for rugs on carpet. Just because a rug on carpet needs extra support inside a rug pad, there are some good choices in rug pads.I have often heard a person suggest that they’ve tried a particular rug pad for rugs on carpet that is very thin and it is sticky or tacky on sides. This type of rug to rug pad has a tendency to work just for a short while. The problem using this type of pad is that it doesn’t perform well for rugs on carpet which have furniture looking at them. Here, this sticky rug to carpet pad is not firm or dense enough to resist any furniture impressions onto the rug. Another problem with this particular sticky rug on carpet pad is that after a little use by trying to remove or move it, sometimes the sticky adhesive leaves a residue on your rug and carpet.There’s two good choices for the best rug pad for rugs on carpet. There is a rug to carpet pad called No-Muv which is specifically designed for rugson carpet and it is only employed for that purpose. It adds an amazing foundation beneath your area rug and it has been proven to help keep rugs still and from creeping in addition to resist any furniture pressure the rug might have onto it. No-Muv rug pad is created in the united states and although more costly than its counterparts, it has got the job accomplished for rugs on carpet and lasts for many years.The only other best rug pad for rugs on carpet may be the quality jute and rubber combination rug pad that I talk about in my other articles. This rug to carpet pad is really a rug on carpet pad in addition to one of the best rug pads for hard floor surfaces. It features a reversible use and for rugs on carpet, simply employ it with the natural rubber side facing your neighborhood rug and delay pills work very well.

The jute side that goes down against your carpet is textured which helps the rug pad grab your carpet. The solid rubber side goes up against your rug and since the rubber tends to grab, it holds your area rug very well. Be sure if this sounds like the rug to carpet pad that you determine that the rubber side is not a sprayed on latex, rather a solid layer of natural rubber. There are lots of rug pads available that look such as this pad yet browse the description and when you notice what latex rubber, it probably is sprayed on.

Keep the rugs on carpet looking great and safe for all to enjoy by using the right rug on carpet pad. You will prevent premature wear to your rug, produce a nice look for your room and prevent trip hazards for individuals walking within the rug.

 Have to spruce up your carpets in a rush?If your carpet looks dull, lifeless as well as in will need a good wash, however, you need your room to be ready for Christmas guests in a hurry, consider using a carpet washer with good suction power and heated cleaning technology to lessen drying time. Leaving windows and doors open after washing your carpets will also enable them to dry faster.

Pets left their mark on carpets and cushions?

For homes with pets, make use of a vacuum cleaner having a powered hand tool to get stubborn pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Then wash having a carpet washer to lift muddy paw prints and pet smells, so your room is clean, fresh and hygienic for visiting family and friends.

Wish to minimise sneezing and coughing?

If you have allergy sufferers visiting over Christmas you can help by reducing the airborne particles that may trigger allergies such as asthma and eczema. Use a vacuum (with high-level HEPA (High Efficient Particle Arrester) filtration on carpets and fabric to lessen fine dust particles. Then wash with carpet washer to remove the dustmites along with other allergens embedded deep within carpet pile.

Worried your newly washed carpets might attract dirt?

To help keep your newly washed carpets looking good for as long as possible over the festive season, be sure you use a rug cleaning solution by having an anti re-soiling additive. Which means that it won’t leave a sticky residue on carpet fibres so won’t attract dust and dirt any quicker than general dirt develop.

Need to cleanup spilt drinks?

If a drink is spilt in your carpet during the festivities, deal with it immediately to assist prevent staining, but don’t rub with a cloth because this works the liquid deeper into carpet fibres. Instead suck up with a carpet washer, or lay a paper towel on top to soak it up, then wash carpeting once you can.

So you’ve decided that you would like to buy a rug however, you don’t know what kind of rug works good for you and also the environment in which it is going to be placed, or maybe you know the sort of rug that you’d like but you’re having trouble selecting a design. The following is intended to be a practical guide to help you discover problems that you might or may not have taken into consideration when selecting a rug.Space and Environment
Space and environment are key issues to consider when it comes to choosing a rug, have you thought enough about the space that it will maintain and the effect the design you have chosen may have on that space?

It is likely that it continues to be considered but not fully considered. Rugs may either open a space up or create a space seem a lot cosier. Depending on the atmosphere, feel and look that you simply wish to create, there are many important elements to take into consideration. If you want to create the feeling of spaciousness then light colours and simple patterns are the way forward.

Light colours and simple designs can make an incredible sense of expansion and extremely open an area, however if you are looking to make a space cosier then rugs that have darker colours and much more ornate or dense patterns often are more effective. Featured right are two great rugs featuring ornate dense patterns for making that space seem more cosy. Most traditional rugs will lend themselves well to this job with their ornate dense patterns however there are also many modern rugs that will effectively create a space more cosy. Don’t limit you to ultimately just traditional whether it’s a modern rug that you would prefer.

Believe it or not dimensions are probably the most fundamental decisions to make when it comes to choosing your rug. The incorrect size can make a room look cluttered or far too small. Rugs often come in standard sizes:

Small rugs measuring approximately, three feet by five feet (90cm x 150cm) up to approximately four feet by six feet (120cm x 180cm)

Medium rugs measuring as much as approximately eight feet by five feet (240cm x 150cm)

Large rugs measuring up to approximately eleven feet (330cm) with anything larger classified as extra large.

Many rugs could be customized to the size that you require, this is often more costly and can take a long time but the results can be amazing as well as in the finish supply you with a rug that is the perfect size for the area required. If you see an area rug that you like and also you require it to made in a custom size then please view the size chart for your collection to see whether or not custom sizes are available, contact us by email or telephone us for any quote and much more information.

In general small rugs tend to highlight smaller furniture pieces say for instance a bed or a coffee table whilst larger rugs tend to be for dining rooms, lounge areas and other bigger spaces.

Should you prefer to opt for among the standard sizes of rugs but they’re not the actual size that you require it’s better to choose a standard size that’s slightly larger than the required size rather than select a size too short. Remember larger rugs is often tucked under furniture.

The best way to determine how big rug that you’ll require before putting in an order would be to construct some sheets of newspaper in the area that you would like to place your rug and to place it down with masking tape. When you’re pleased with the area that the newspaper fills you are able to record the measurements from the size that looks the very best. Also bare in your mind the area where you will be placing the rug, e.g. If you are placing rug with a door opening you want the rug so that you can go under the door without it causing a blockage. There is really nothing worse than buying an expensive rug only to discover that it obstructs entrances and exits to a room. One more thing to be aware of would be to make sure that a corner of a rug doesn’t stick out in to the middle of the door opening because they can often cause tripping hazards.

Where’s Your Room’s Main Focal Point? Furniture, Fireplace or Rug?
Discovering the focal point of your room to be can be quite important when it comes to choosing a rug. Rugs can highlight certain regions of an area, compliment existing focal areas in a room as well as become a focus themselves. They are extremely powerful design aids and may be utilized effectively to attract or detract attention to or from certain areas within a room.

Furniture like a Focal Point
If for instance the furnishings and surrounding décor within the room will be a focus, then it’s better to select a rug that is more subtle and subdued with little or no pattern or a rug that compliments the color of existing furniture. Soft colours and tones will work best for this with lots of plain rugs following your rules choices. In some instances two or more smaller rugs can work much better than one large rug.

Fireplace like a Focus
When the focal point of a room is really a fireplace it is usually best to choose a rug which has a subdued all-over pattern or perhaps a plain rug that compliments the surroundings in order that it doesn’t be a distraction.

Rug as a Focus
If the rug that you choose will be the focal point from the room, then it is better to select a rug that’s quite busy, bright or bold in design/colour, thus attracting attention to it and drawing attention from the furniture and surrounding décor. Rugs that are being points of interest perform best in rooms when the surrounding décor is neutral or soft in colour, thus developing a picture frame so to speak for that rug that becomes the artwork within that frame.
In general if two or more items occur to compete for any focal point it may unbalance a room and upset the atmosphere within it. This can be avoided with good planning and placement. As a rule of thumb it is often best to simply have one focal point inside a room, a rug can be busy or the surroundings could be busy. If everything in the room is busy it tends to create a very restless atmosphere.

Style, Texture and Colour
An area rug can definitely transform an area and may be used rather than redecorating in order to replace a classic carpet that appears worn. A rug may bring a brand new turn to a room or give it a good start. Whatever your rug is for, the one thing to remember is it must always compliment the style and colour pallette of the room. For example it wouldn’t be advised to place an attractive traditional style Persian rug by having an ornate design, inside a room that’s been designed to have a modern and contemporary nautical feel into it, whilst simultaneously it wouldn’t be advisable to place a Navajo rug inside a room that is attempting to create a Victorian look. Instead it might be advised to choose a rug that reminds you of the seascape for that nautical themed room along with a rug with a European floral design that compliments it for that latter.

Generally, in terms of style and colour pallette the rug that you simply choose should compliment the nearby décor or theme from the room otherwise it’ll look out of place and stand out just like a sore thumb.

In terms of colour, it’s advised in general to match up a specific favourite colour in the room for instance match the colour of the walls or perhaps your curtains. There is no need to try and match your rug to every colour in your room or vice versa. A great guideline is that if it’s a room filled with colours, select a neutral colour for your rug and if it is a very neutral room then select a bright coloured rug. Use solid modern colours to carry painted colour schemes all the way throughout the room. If you place a rug in a strategic section of an area that matches a certain wall or ceiling colour it may really set off a room making your design come together.

Textured rugs can add a particular depth for an otherwise flat room. Many shaggy and textured rugs can create depth where smooth walls meet smooth laminate flooring. They can break up the monotony of smoothness in a room, adding depth and interest, giving your living space body in addition to form.

Wool or Synthetic?
Regardless of what anybody says, all wool rugs shed. This is because they’re from a natural fibre source. Most wool rugs that are new will shed for some time due to the loose fibres however some wool rugs have been recognized to shed for months as well as longer. We have a wool rug within our sitting room that has been shedding for more than annually now. For some time we have been concerned that it is just going to disappear into nothing nevertheless it doesn’t shed half just as much now as whenever we first bought it also it still seems to look just like great. If a rug that does not shed has become a factor in the rug choosing decision then we would recommend that you do not choose wool.

So you may ask why people buy wool rugs if they shed. Well the solution to that is that wool is much more resilient, more durable than synthetic man made fibres and responds easier to coloured dyes, i.e. it absorbs and maintains dyes better. So that you can frequently obtain a wool rug that’s years old and still appears to be terrific once again whereas its synthetic counterpart look old and slightly faded. Wool can also be naturally resistant against water, fire and stains as well as being resistant to dust mites. This can be a great positive for anyone that has allergies because they do not get their allergy aggravated by dustmites. Also because wool is mainly resistant against fire (not entirely resistant if overexposed) and sparking it makes it a perfect option for a fireside rug.

Another major or otherwise so major factor depending upon whether you’re shopping on a budget or otherwise is price. Wool is far more expensive than acrylic / manufactured fibres due to its authenticity and sturdiness.

There really isn’t too much difference within the feel and look of some synthetic rugs nowadays. Actually synthetic fibres are that well-crafted now that we very often have to really look closely at acrylic so that you can tell it isn’t wool.

Wool is and in all likelihood will remain typically the most popular option for an area rug because of its traditional heritage and natural existence inside a mostly man made world. If you are planning to become putting your rug in an area that gets to be a high amount of traffic we’d need to recommend wool because of its durability and natural potential to deal with stains.

There isn’t any exact science to selecting an area rug and that we are all different in the sense that we all have different tastes and ideas by what will and won’t operate in a room. The above mentioned details are an extensive view of what is recognized to work and what is not, just like anything there’ll always be instances in which a rug contradicts the theories above, i.e. the best to the rules as they say but this is rare. We hope that you have found the data interesting and that it helps you narrow down the overwhelming selection of rug that you choose.