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paint color scheme4We all know that one crucial aspect of interior decoration design is color. The color has huge role to create atmosphere and mood. The right color combination can create a visually appealing decoration while in contrary, wrong color choices and combination means total disaster. Let’s face it that choosing color combination is really sophisticated and it requires knowledge, expertise, and also intuition to find the perfect combination.

Most people tend to choose their favorite color as the dominant color but how to combine it with complementary colors is the big issue. When you have enough budget, hiring a professional interior designer can easily fix this issue but with limited budget, you need to deal with it yourself. For those who are doing DIY interior decoration project and having issues with color scheme, these tips can be really useful. Choosing a certain color can be a good start and you need to apply it on certain focal point like walls, curtains, or furniture. You can use the color wheel to choose three versions of the color: light, medium, and light to be applied on those focal points. It won’t be difficult to get a color wheel. You can find it online and every paint store has it.


paint color schemeThe next thing to do is to choose opposite monochromatic color to give the accent. This accent can prevent the sameness that creates boring mood. Don’t be afraid to choose two very opposite colors because it could create a good combination. Always choose dark, medium, and light versions of a certain color and apply it in various combination to create harmony between one features to another. Another important factor is every color has mood. What kind of color to choose must be congruent with the mood you want for the certain room. For example cool color is perfect choice for bedroom or bathroom and it creates cozy mood while warm color tends to bring excitement makes it perfect for kitchen or living room.




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