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Archive for September, 2014

Identifying the problem of the roofs is a difficult task, because you need to pay extra careful in spotting the damage. But basically there are 5 reasons behind the problem of your roof including the weather, wind, the maintenance, flashing and equipment’s. By investigating those aspects, you might find the damage easily.

Weather is considered to be the main cause of roof problems, because it changes every day. The climate change may damage the material of the roof, it make them obsolete especially when your rooftop is made from organic materials. But it doesn’t mean that the inorganic roof may stand to the climate change, because severe weather may also cause leakage. It is why you need to maintain the roof regularly to make sure its durability and performance. But weather is not the only thing that you need to concern; pollution and industrial smoke may also accelerate the destruction of your roof.

Wind is said to be another cause of the rooftop damage, because the blow of the wind sometimes rip the roofing. Since you cannot predict the natural changes, you need to prepare the rooftop as strong as possible. In applying the roof, you need to fasten the roofing and insulation to the perimeter and the main roof; so it won’t be easily blown by the wind.

The problem on the roof may also happen because of your lack maintenance, it is often appear on houses with low-slop roof. It is happen because sometimes you did not put the piece of the roof correctly.  Mismanaging the installation of the low-slop roof may cause the roof easily destroyed; because the increasing accumulation of sediment and water will make your roof can’t afford stand for a long period.

The roof problem may also occur because of the design, if it is the major question that makes the roof easily destroyed; we recommend you to replace the entire rooftop. Design error is said to be the most expensive mistake that you may do to the rooftop, it can’t be fixed unless you replace the entire installation. So you need to make a clear roof plan before building it; make sure that the structure of the roof will be strong enough to  support your house from severe weather and drainage system.

Flashing is also one of the major problem that damage your roof, the flashing itself is divided into 4 major types including base, penetrations, drain and metal base. Basically, flashing is made in order to protect the joints from water leaking and conjoin the edge of the roof. Numbers of conjoining will increase leaking possibilities that is why flashing is important to avoid water leaking.

drained flasing problemProblems on base flashing are usually caused by base-flashing piles, the height, overlaps, poor adhesion, coating and bellow insulation. You need to make sure that these aspects are correctly calculated, people often mistaken the number of piles that are needed and the appropriate height of the base flashing. As for the penetration flashing, the error mostly comes from the design, broken seams, deteriorated counter, the metal surface and the standing water.

Problems in drain flashing is caused by the inappropriate drain opening, sometimes people prefer to have single overflow; but the problem is, a single overflow my burden the work of your roofing. So you need to make several overflow spots to lighter the burden of the roof. Do not forget to check the drain flashing continuously to maintain its performance. As for the metal flashing, problem may usually come from the cracking and the opening, because a small crack will make the water easily enter the inside of the building.  Rather than applying the metal flashing, we recommend you to install bituminous base to avoid the leaking.


rooftopRooftop equipment is another reason why the rooftop problems occur; because the installation of the equipment such as air conditioner compressor and antenna may destroy the roofing. Speak with a professional team like Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors . If it is possible, you need to avoid the installation on the roof or you installing them without attaching the equipment right on the roof membrane. Installing too much equipment on your roofing may give more burdens to your roofing and lead to serious problem. The important thing in maintaining the performance of your roofing is to check them frequently, so you can detect the problem before it gets serious.