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Archive for April, 2014

When it comes to a Home Decor, some important things must be noticed to find out the best decoration. The first thing which we must notice from the house that we are about to renovate is the size of the house and also the division of space in the home. For a small enough home with the small enough kitchen, bed room, bathroom, living room, and guest room, we are able to use a strategy to make some space left so the rooms will looks larger.

The first tips for the Home Decor idea for the small enough house is to arrange the furniture in the rooms as efficient as possible. In this effort, we are able to use the furniture which is designed to save the space, like the shelf which is stuck on the wall instead of using the shelf furniture on the floor.

For the bathroom, the tip is to have a shower rather than a bath tub to save the space. Then put in the other stuffs that are important to have in the room, and put on a big mirror on the wall to make the room looks larger. You also need to eliminate the unused spaces in the room. That is how we make the small room looks larger with the smart Home Decor.